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Doves and Red Kites shared their costumes with each other explaining the word or book character.  Doves taught their buddies how to make vocabulary fortune tellers. There were lots of fabulous words being used and explained. 

Here are our inventions: Ani BiomePokadot 2020 Recycle Bot 2000 Sweety 1.0 AAF (Amazing Animal Feeder)   STS (Stop the Smoke) The Lightening Tower The Food Generator 2020Ask your children how the machines work and what their special features are.

Falcons Entry Point Inventions | 03 Mar 2020

One photo went astray so here is our final invention. Tooth Dream

Here are our wonderful creations. Ask your child about all of the functions and special features each invention has. Nom Nom 3000 Pet Food Machine Bob 3000 Pet O’Carer 101 Anti Annoyance Machine 200 Robo Paint Sweety Fountain The Drinking Machine

  Today we enjoyed a dance session lead by the Leeds Rhino Foundation. Watch out for some more groovy dance moves soon!

What’s your favourite invention? What invention could you not live without? What does progress mean? Just some of our discussions this afternoon. We have designed and created our own inventions. ask your child what they produced. Would you buy it?

Can anyone be an inventor? What symbol or object best represents invention? Are some inventions more important than others? What skills and qualities do you need to be an inventor?  What is progress?  Just some of the questions we discussed in our entry point. We then went on to design and make a new invention. …

We all enjoyed baking Yorkshire rascals for our exit point. Measuring, pouring, stiring, cutting, mixing (with our finger tips) and eating. All the skills we used and developed. They were delicious. Ask us nicely and we may share the recipe!

What is an Island? How are Islands formed? Name a Volcanic Island, Coral Island, Tidal Island, Hot and Cold Island. Find an Island from each continent. Name and find the Islands of the British Isles. Just some of the questions Doves had to solve this afternoon.

Falcons Entry Point Earth as an Island. | 07 Jan 2020

Entry Point – What is an Island? We discussed what the definition of an island is. We learned how Islands are formed. We found out that there are different islands around the world including, Volcanic Islands , Coral Islands and Tidal Islands. Using the globe and atlases we discovered the Islands of the British Isles …
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