Is it really the last week for Robins?

Posted on by beestinh

It might be the last week in school but Robins have been as busy as ever, getting involved in lots of fun activities.  Here are just a couple of highlights….

Budding Olympians

We were very lucky to have a Paralympic athlete, Bev Jones, in school to do some circuit training. As well as talking to us about her own journey to becoming an athlete, Bev put us through some pretty intensive training. We practised our star jumps and even managed a few press ups! See if you can spot some potential future Olympic champions below:


Kings Camp

Staying with the sporting theme, Robins were also put through their paces by a company called “Kings Camp”, who came in to play some very active and fun games with us.

And after all that exercise, we just had to end the week – and our first year at Tranmere – with a party, some cake and lots of fun playing with our toys. What fun!