Woodpecker Class Homework 12.9.18

Year 3

In year 3, the children will receive 1 maths homework and 1 English homework per week. Please name these clearly before returning them to school. Both homeworks will be sent home on a Wednesday and are expected back by the following Monday. Please return both homework sheets to school for our records.

Maths Homework

Following on from Year 2, the homework will alternate between the maths skills test and the Grammar Hammer homework. This will be sent home blank for the children to do at home and will be retested in school next week.

This week’s homework is the maths skills test. Please find a blank sheet and accompanying answer sheet attached below:

Stage 3 Check 1 Blank

Stage 3 Check 1 Answers

English Homework

The English homework for this week is  ‘cracking comprehension’. This week’s is fiction based and focuses on a story written by Bel Mooney. The children should read the text before answering the questions on the reverse side of the sheet.

Homework to be completed by Monday 17th September