An update on our TTR Champions League Grand Final

Morning, Tranmere.

This week, to decide the winner, the ultimate TTR champions in our school, the Doves and the Herons are going head to head. A battle between our Year 6s and our Year 2s, both of which finished our Champions League on 18 out of a possible 21 points. This really is a battle between two times tables goliaths.

The scores currently:

Doves vs Herons
21,064 vs 16,679

Star Players:
Oliver Casey – 11,146
Amelie Ross – 8,328
Thomas Arnold – 3,145
Daniel Vine – 2,655
Harrison Ross – 2,653
Angus Carey – 2,595
Elys Lewis – 2,114
Matilda Brady – 1,185
Hollie Wilson – 1,148

Even with all classes back in school, with the iPads and devices out of reach, this battle is beginning to warm up nicely. I can only imagine how the scores will look at the end of play on Monday at 14:30. Particularly after speaking to Mr Casey who has told me he is aiming to secure 40,000 points on his own this week…

Which class will claim our TTR Champions league trophy and have their class name engraved on it for all eternity? Keep an eye on the scores and watch this space.

Mr Learmonth