Battle week 3 – Your mid-week update

Morning, Tranmere.

Welcome to your TTR mid-week update.

I hope that this message finds you all well. Once again, the battles are building to a dramatic crescendo as we draw towards the end of game week 3.

The current scores on the doors:

Herons vs Woodpeckers
24,022 vs 13,458

Doves vs Red Kites
23,841 vs 12,073

Puffins vs Falcons
30,964 vs 28,868

Kingfishers vs Skylarks
19,259 vs 10,036 (actual = 20,072)

As you can see, a number of the battles are too close to call and the picture could look very different by Sunday evening.

– Will the Herons continue to march on or can the Woodpeckers turn this around?!
– Can the Red Kites close the gap and continue the Doves’ losing streak?!
– Puffins vs Falcons – wow – having just spoken to the children in school, through the door, I can tell you that they are fired up and this battle is definitely going to get tasty.
– Skylarks are at it again! Having toppled Yr6, they now have their eyes fixed on 5/6. Will they prevail?!

Thank you again for all of your enthusiasm and remember that these battles end at 5pm on Sunday night so there is plenty of time for everything to change yet.

Mr Learmonth