Dear parents

We have received guidance this morning regarding occupations falling under the ‘Critical Worker’ heading. We have attached the guidance for you all to see and for you to consider if you fall under the headings listed.

The guidance we are receiving into school from central Government makes it very clear that social distancing must remain the priority and that children should only be attending school where there is no other option for parents. Therefore, please could I ask that you consider very careful if, and when, you may need to send your children to school and then complete the attached form for us.


Our intention remains to be completely committed to supporting people in front-line jobs and in providing child care should people need it. This could potentially include throughout the Easter holiday. In order to be able to staff this we may need to move to a skeleton staff working shifts. With this in mind,  please be aware that it will not be ‘business as usual’ for those children attending school and that the day to day timetable will be altered.

We obviously need to have a fairly accurate idea of numbers for the next couple of weeks in the first instance. Therefore, could I please ask that you get the attached form back to us as soon as possible. I apologise for the urgency – I would ideally have liked to have had more time to put our plans in place!

To those parents who will be keeping their children at home for the foreseeable future, I firstly want to thank you for your support at this time. I understand that this is an incredibly stressful and uncertain time for many of you. We will be sending further information to you today about our home learning arrangements through Google Classroom and some practical guidance on how this will work.  My sincere hope is that this isn’t the end of the academic year for us and that we will all have the opportunity to come back together before the summer! We are planning to put an event together in the summer to say goodbye to our amazing year six children, for example. We will continue to stay in contact and will share any further information and guidance we receive in the future.

Thank you all so much for your support, your patience and your understanding. Please take care of yourselves and I very much hope that we will see you all again at school very soon.

Mrs Alison Hodgson