LAUNCHING – #ExploriFriday Competition!

To all our lovely Tranmere Families,
LAUNCHING – A ‘just for fun’ competition every Friday! (until we stop!)
Follow us on Twitter @tranmerepark and every Friday morning we will tweet a picture from the wonderful @ExplorifySchool science programme.
It will be a picture of an everyday object, creature or thing, BUT it will be zoomed in as though under a microscope.
If you can guess what it is before the end of the day, you will win …… all our admiration, praise and the plaudits of being an amazing human being! And will be bigged up on the Twittersphere for all to see!
The answer, in picture form, will be tweeted at the end of the day so you can see if you are correct!
Consult your parents, grandparents, children, fairy godmothers/fathers, work colleagues or your spiritual gurus for help with identifying the ‘thing’.
Get ready to use your science brains!
Here’s a preview of this week…