Mid-week TTR update – Week 5

Good morning, Tranmere.

I hope this message finds you well and that you are all eager for your TTR mid-week update.

This week’s battles include a top of the table clash and the emergence of a contender to the throne; so far, the Herons have looked the most likely to claim the glory but, quietly lurking in the shadows, a class are going about their business and doing it very, very well – here come the Puffins.

The all important mid-week scores:

Herons vs Skylarks (the only place we could begin this week; the top of the table, local derby.)
20,312 vs 7,384 (14,768)
This one really could still go either way. Who will remain at the top of the table and who will be knocked off their perch?

Doves vs Falcons
38,499 vs 23,440
An incredibly high scoring battle once again (Reminder: the highest scoring class, pre TTR Champions League, scored 21,000 in a week – that really shows how hard these classes are working to get their hands on the prize)

Red Kites vs Kingfishers
16,901 vs 6,116
The Red Kites are well and truly clipping the Kingfishers’ wings in this one. Will they respond or are they going to limp towards a loss?!

Puffins vs Woodpeckers
52,486 vs 13,273
This is not a typo. The Puffins are coming for us all! Sleep with one eye open!

At the 1/2 way stage of the fifth week of battles, these scores really are immense. A huge pat on the back from me to all of the competitors; you are blowing me away with your competitive spirit, perseverance and SPEED! I honestly couldn’t dream of scoring as highly as you all do within a minute – top drawer.

Update: Tranmere are still NUMBER 1. Our average speed is now down to 3.66 – what a phenomenal, team performance.

I look forward to seeing how these battles end on Sunday night before our half-term break.
NB. Battle week 6 commences on Monday 22nd.

Mr Learmonth