Reception – Topic – The Olympics

Posted on by Miss Ingram

For the past few weeks in Reception, we have been focusing on History in Topic. This week, we have been learning all about The Olympics. Starting over 2000 years ago, the latest Olympics took place in the year that a lot of our Reception children were born! With Tokyo 2021 just around the corner, we thought it very fitting to learn all about this important event!

We started the week discussing what the Olympics are and exploring its different elements. Prepped and ready with their Bolt and Mobot celebrations, we started to get ready for our own Mini-Olympics. We split ourselves up into different countries, then made Olympic torches and flags for our opening ceremony. On the big day, we competed in different throwing, team and track events, working together to compete for the gold!

Watch out parents – we’ve got some superstars in the making and some Bluebirds and Robins who think they could take Bolt in a race!