The End of Battle Week 6 TTR Champions League Update

Good morning, Tranmere.

I hope that this message finds you well. I have just logged into TTR to begin to update our league table after game week 6 and have almost fallen off my chair. WHAT A WEEK!

I was expecting fireworks in our final week (this week) but was staggered to see the scores that were achieved in the penultimate week of our competition. The ‘individual top scorer’, the ‘class top score’ and the ‘total points scored in a week by the school as a whole’ records have all been demolished – UNBELIEVABLE, JEFF.
Furthermore, it takes our combined, tournament total to 1,991,458 points, ensuring that, this week, we will clear that 2 million point mark. Can you believe we have scored that many points across the last seven weeks? Astounding.

Finally, just before I announce the all important scores, I would also like to direct your attention towards a further battle that is raging in our corridors. The battle for the fastest Rock Hero (we now have 46 on roll). Oliver Ross, from Doves, currently holds the position with an incredible speed of 0.48 (the length of time, in seconds, it takes for him to answer a question). However, new contenders are beginning to emerge:
Oscar Whitaker – 0.50
Daniel Vine – 0.52
Oscar De Biase – 0.53
Oliver Casey – 0.53
Will someone take the top spot from Rossy before the end of our Champions League?

The scores from Battle Week 6:

1) Doves vs Puffins – the only place I could start this week. The top of the table clash…..
106,498 vs 82,740 – both classes deserve HUGE credit for what was an epic battle and one that resulted in three, new records: the highest scoring battle ever, the highest score achieved by a class and the highest score achieved by a class that weren’t then victorious (what an effort that was, Puffins).
Star Players:
– Amelie Ross (43,050)
– Oliver Casey (23,114)
– Dominic Green (17,346)
– Dylan Duckmanton (7,827)
– Oliver Ross (7,441), Edward Carey (7,272), Ben Wright (7,065), Riley Platts (6,801), Xanthe Shanbhag (6,501), Ellie Platts (5,934) and Will Stewart (5,717).

What an incredible effort from all involved.

2) Woodpeckers vs Kingfishers
36,699 vs 33,416
Star Players: Oliver Whitaker (20,929 – wow), Frank Buckle (16,794), Jack Gordon (7,821) and Oliver Delaney (4,989).

3) Falcons vs Skylarks
43,636 vs 7,270 (14,540 after the double)
Star Players: Oscar De Biase (10,917), William Berry (7,102), James Ross (6,366) and Luca Green (4,311)

4) Herons vs Red Kites
55,296 vs 18,868
Star Players: Daniel Vine (11,548), Angus Carey (10,647), Hollie Wilson (6,827), Harrison Ross (6,170) and Ishan Gin (5,779).

I hope you can all see why I was nearly knocked off my chair; these results were simply staggering and they have really shaped up the league table (see attachment) for a nail biting final week. Who will be victorious? Who has the stomach to keep battling on and to seize victory? This week should decide all. I can’t wait to see how things shape up.

The fixtures for this week, the final week:

Falcons vs Red Kites
Can the Falcons continue their rise up the table towards a position that their points total deserves? Or, will the Red Kites bring them back down to Earth with a bump? This local derby is sure to be one to watch.

Doves vs Woodpeckers
Will the Doves guarantee top spot or can the Woodpeckers spoil the party?

Skylarks vs Puffins
Whilst their chances of winning the league may now be over, the Skylarks still hold power over the fate of the Puffins. If they defeat them, the Puffins will be out of the running for top spot. One to keep an eye on.

Herons vs Kingfishers
Top vs bottom. The form book would say that this one should be a home win, allowing Herons to secure top spot. However, the Kingfishers have had big weeks. Will they surprise the Herons and pull off an unlikely upset? Will they work out that by doing so, they are handing the trophy to the Doves and then decide to sabotage themselves? Who knows?! Let’s enjoy the drama as it upfolds.

Happy hunting, Tranmere. I hope you are as excited as I am to see how the league table looks on Sunday evening.

Mr Learmonth

The Tranmere Park TTR Champions League Table – End of Week 6