The end of week 1 of the ‘Tranmere Park TTR Champions League’


What a nail biting conclusion that was! Some incredibly close battles that went down to the wire (particularly Red Kites vs Puffins, so close!!). Furthermore, the total scores were phenomenal. During the first lockdown, the largest score accumulated by any class (as far as I can see, apologies, if I am wrong) was 21,000. Over the course of the last week, 21,000 points was surpassed by no less than 6 of the classes! Wow! What an incredible start; everyone should give themselves a pat on the back.

So, the all important results:

Doves vs Kingfishers
71,769 vs 41,402
Star players: Oli Ross (14,450), Tilda Brady (9,810), Amelie Ross (6,255), Sophie Hawkins (6,066) and Frank Buckle (5,870)

Herons vs Falcons
56,2864 vs 43,233
Star Players: Daniel Vine (17,062 – incredible), Thomas Arnold (12,040) and James Ross (10,216)

Woodpeckers vs Skylarks
10,623 vs 7,558
Star Players: Luca Green (3,691) and Oscar Whitaker (2,899)

Red Kites vs Puffins
22,095 vs 22,952
Star Players: Dominic Green (5,792), Eva Robinson (5,405) and Ishan Gin (4,310)

I have attached the league table (or at least I hope I have; if not, I have definitely attached it to the GC post) as it stands after week one and will be updating this each Monday. You may also be excited to know that our trophy is in production and will be with us from Thursday. Let the games CONTINUE.

This week’s fixtures:

Kingfishers vs Falcons

Doves vs Skylarks

Woodpeckers vs Red Kites (a 3/4 grudge match, the local derby.)

Puffins vs Herons

Will the table take on a completely different look come next Monday? Time will tell. Until then, let the battles commence.

Mr Learmonth


The Tranmere Park TTR Champions League Table – Week 1