The Tranmere Park Lockdown TTR Champions League

Disclaimer: I have already got excessively carried away….and also, this only applies to Year 2 and above – apologies.

Good afternoon, Tranmere!

Calling all Times Table Rockers!

After the success of Maths Week England (hats off once again to the Falcons class who came 96th out of 31,039 and to the whole school that came 105th out of 3,887), we are starting a TIMES TABLE ROCKSTARS CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. And, I am so excited about this that it deserves to be in FULL CAPSLOCK. For those as excited as me, I have attached the full fixture list to this post so that you can see who you are due to compete against first.

Starting from Monday, at 9am, the battles will commence! Who will come out the other side victorious? Only YOU can decide. Each week, your class will be pitted against another in a battle for supremacy. The class who end the week with the highest combined score will be victorious and will climb our league table. The class who, at the end of the 7 weeks, are top of the league will be immortalised in eternal glory on the biggest trophy that I can persuade Mr Howorth to buy! I am imagining something at least hip height.

Competition rules:

– Year 2 and above will be competing. So, that means Year 2 WILL compete against Year 6. So, Year 6 be warned, you may never live this down!!
(nb times tables are set by the class teacher and, in such, it is fair for Year 2 to play Year 6 as they will not have to undertake them up to 12×12 like the 6s do.)
– Each battle will begin on a Monday at 9am and end on a Sunday at 5pm.
– Points secured between the hours of 9 and 5 will count towards your class total but anything earnt after 5pm will count only towards your growing understanding of timestables.
– 3 points will be awarded to the victorious class. (1 point for a draw but I really can’t see that happening)
– A league table will be updated and shared each week.
– You must not play on anyone else’s account or ask an adult/older sibling to play for you.
– You will be gracious in victory, having vanquished your mortal enemies, and magnanimous in defeat.

GAME ON! Who will be victorious? Which class has what it takes to be crowned the Tranmere TTR Champions? Could it be YOU?! Only time will tell.

Let the games (On Monday) commence,

Mr Learmonth