TTR – End of week 4 round up – WHAT A WEEK

Morning, Tranmere.

I know that I have said this before, and that I am starting to sound like a broken record, but, WOW! That has to be another record breaking week. I was blown away by week 3 but this past week has surpassed all expectations. TAKE A BOW, EVERYONE! Not only did this week mark the momentous occasion where we passed 1,000,000 since the tournament began but it also involved two classes beating the 71,769 point p/w record. I am so impressed by all of your efforts; whichever class wins this trophy in the end will thoroughly deserve to be crowned champions.

So, the scores:

Puffins vs Kingfishers
44,648 vs 16,201
Star players: Dom Green (7,004), Xanthe Shanbhag (5,785), Dylan Duckmanton (5,584) and Riley Platts (5,439)

Doves vs Herons
98,814 vs 72,645 (No, you don’t need glasses; you are reading those scores correctly!)
Star players: well, where to start – I think I will honour them with a line each:
– Daniel Vine (30,998) – a new record and one that will be near impossible to beat.
– Amelie Ross (26,619)
– Ellie Platts (15,674)
– Oliver Ross (12,828)
– Oliver Casey (11,875)
– Thomas Arnold (11,845)
– Harrison Ross (8,439)
– Imogen Bell (5,242)

Red Kites vs Skylarks
15,242 vs 16,036 (32,072 after the double)
Star players: Luca Green (8,084), Freddie Newbould (5,220) Ishan Gin (3,219)

Falcons vs Woodpeckers
40,297 vs 31,190
Star players: Oscar Whitaker (14,906), Poppy Bradshaw (9,692), Jack Gordon (9,109), Oscar de Biase (6,473)

Well, there you have it. What can I possibly say about those scores?! Staggering. I think I will just let the numbers speak for themselves. Please do check the league table attached – it is starting to look like it could be won by any number of classes and that is just the way we like it. Let the exciting conclusion commence. 4 weeks down, 3 to go!

This week’s fixtures are as follows:

1) Herons vs Skylarks
Not only is this a Yr1/2 local derby (grudge match – let’s say it as it is), but also, it is a top of the table clash. One to keep a firm eye on remembering that the Skylarks scores double.

2) Doves vs Falcons
This one has the potential to be a huge scoring game once again. During Maths Week England, the Falcons soared and proved themselves to be top of the rocks. Will they once again defeat the Doves?

3) Red Kites vs Kingfishers
Both teams suffered defeat last time out. Who will come out swinging? Who will avenge last week’s disappointments?!

4) Puffins vs Woodpeckers
Can anyone stop the Puffins’ rise to the top of the league?! Will Woodpeckers stand in their way? Based on last week’s scores, this one could be another high scoring match-up.

Update on our position locally, our average speed has fallen once again (LOVE IT!) and now stands at 3.68. Second place = 3.88 and third = 4.52. This means we are ALMOST one whole second faster than the third best school in the Leeds/Bradford area – a cracking achievement.

Finally, just for fun, have a look at the TTR Guinness World Record holder – unbelievable:,more%20than%203%20per%20second!

Happy hunting,

Mr Learmonth

The Tranmere Park TTR Champions League Table – Week 4