TTR – End of week 5 – the week where a certain class smashed the record…

Good morning, Tranmere.

Welcome back to a new half-term. I hope you had a great break and that you are ready to approach the new half-term with the same incredible enthusiasm I saw from you all last time.

This half-term should be monumental; it’s the half-term where our TTR Champions League comes to a dramatic conclusion. The half-term where one class will be crowned as the champions of all champions and will have their name immortalised forever more on the Tranmere Park TTR trophy. There is still lots to play for. Game on!

Without further ado, the all important scores from the end of game week 5. Keep your eyes peeled for there is one result that stands out and genuinely astonishes me…

Red Kites vs Kingfishers:
22,434 vs 9,087
Star Players: Ishan Gin (7,229), Danny Platts (6,149), Oliver Delaney (3,727) and Bobbie Lamming (2,322)

Doves vs Falcons:
54,541 vs 47,483
Star Players: Amelie Ross (12,350), Oscar De Biase (11,555), Poppy Bradshaw (7,983), Oliver Casey (7,710) and William Berry (5,803)

Saving the most dramatic two for last:

The top of the table clash/the local derby/the grudge match for KS1 supremacy between Herons and Skylarks….

Herons vs Skylarks:
44,549 vs 17,848 (35,696 after the double) The Herons have cemented their position at the top of the table!
Star Players: Daniel Vine (12,602), Luca Green (7,612), Freddie Newbould (7,204), Harrison Ross (6,532), Hollie Wilson (6,145) and Thomas Arnold (5,172)

Puffins vs Woodpeckers:
105,004 (ASTOUNDING – A NEW RECORD) vs 19,710
Star Players: Just as I did at the end of game week 4, each star player will be on a new line – thoroughly deserved after a gargantuan effort.
– Dom Green 20,619
– Dylan Duckmanton 16,938
– Riley Platts 10,325
– Oscar Whitaker 10,124
– Xanthe Shanbhag 9,982
– Edward Carey 9,706
– Barnaby Warman 8,721
– Finnegan Roberts 5,785.

Whilst I do feel sorry for the poor Woodpeckers, you have to sit back and applaud the Puffins; they have sent out a message to all those classes at the top of the table – Herons, Doves, Skylarks, THE PUFFINS ARE COMING TO GET YOU…..

This penultimate (second to last) week of fixtures:

– Red Kites vs Herons
Will the Herons retain their position at the top of the table or will the Red Kites be the class to knock them off their perch?

– Falcons vs Skylarks
Will the Falcons secure the victory that their high scores deserve or will the Skylarks bounce back?

– Kingfishers vs Woodpeckers
Off the back of two large defeats, which class will get back to winning ways?

-Doves vs Puffins
The 5/6 derby. The top of school, top of the table clash. This result of this one will have a huge impact upon the final standings. Who will come out victorious? I can see this one being a record breaker – let the battle begin!

Before I sign off, there have been one or two updates to TTR over the half-term. These are subtle changes but I thought I would outline them for you all:

1) On your profile, there is now an ‘i’ in a circle next to some of your information. If you click this, it outlines what studio speed etc means.
2) If you click settings, you can now further edit your game settings. You can click ‘Declutter’ and this will remove most images and colours to allow you to concentrate on just the job at hand. Furthermore, you can click ‘Lexie Font’ which changes the font to one that is dyslexia friendly.
3) Under ‘Stats’ you can now track your own performance in enhanced detail. You can see your average daily minutes, your previous scores on Studio, a heat map that shows you how you perform on certain tables (dark green indicating that you always get it correct) and much more.
4) Finally, there is a new mode called ‘Jamming’. Here you can customise your game a little more.
– You can select multiplication and division for 8 coins per correct answer, or just undertake division or multiplication questions for 4 coins.
– You can choose which times tables you want to practise.
– You can choose how many questions you want to answer: 10, 20 or 30.
Whilst this mode won’t help you contribute towards your class battle, it is a really good way to gather coins to customise your avatar.

That’s all from me (I say this whilst being fully aware of the fact that it is a long post); I can’t wait to see how these battles progress. Please see the table below to see how your class are currently doing and happy hunting.

Mr Learmonth

The Tranmere Park TTR Champions League Table – End of Week 5