TTR mid-week update. Battle week 4

Afternoon, Tranmere.

Your TTR mid-week update has come a little later than usual this week. Battle week 4 is being fiercely contested and, therefore, I held off on sending the updates as I wanted to watch the drama unfold.

The all important scores at the half-way (roughly) stage are as follows:

– Falcons vs Woodpeckers
26,121 vs 20,006

This local derby is hotting up and, after a few weeks of scoring incredibly highly and still suffering defeat, it looks as though the Falcons may claim their first points of the tournament. Woodpeckers, can you stand in their way and deny them again? Falcons, can you hold on and claim a thoroughly deserved 3 points? I can’t wait to find out.

– Red Kites vs Skylarks
12,126 vs 8,838 (17,678 after the double)

Sklyarks are, once again, on track to leave another KS2 class pointless. Red Kites, can you stop the KS2 rot? The Skylarks have defeated the Doves, they have defeated the Kingfishers, will they beat you too?!

– Doves vs Herons
46,918 vs 44,278

Well, what can we say about this battle? It looks like it might go down as one for the ages. The Herons are once again showing what Year 2 are made of and Year 6 are having to raise their game significantly in order to compete.
Will these classes beat the tournament record of 71,769 points in a week? Based on how things are going, I think both classes could surpass this total, meaning, one class will break the record and still lose. One to keep an eye on for sure.

– Puffins vs Kingfishers
27,582 vs 13,380

The UKS2 derby has kicked off in style with the Puffins storming into a huge lead. But, in the last day or so, the Kingfishers have begun to claw this one back. If the Puffins win, they put themselves right into the mix for winning this trophy. If the Kingfishers are victorious, this will be the comeback of the tournament. I can’t wait to see where the scores end up, come 5pm on Sunday night.

So, there you have it Tranmere. Every battle is brimming with drama and tension this week. And, furthermore, this week marks the momentous moment where, as a school, we have cleared 1,000,000 points. To reiterate for dramatic effect, in 3 and 1/2 weeks, we have cleared 1 million points – UNBELIEVABLE EFFORT.

You will also be pleased to know that we have retained our status at the ‘Top of the Rocks’ in our local area for another week. In fact, as a school, our average speed has improved to 3.76, with second place scoring 3.85 and third place scoring 4.52. Take a bow, Tranmere Park.

I hope you all have a great end to the week,

Mr Learmonth