Please read the below from Headteacher, Mrs. Hodgson

Thursday 19th March 2020

RE: School Closure

Dear Parents

I’m sure you will have seen the Government briefing yesterday regarding school closures from Monday. I realise that this must have caused many of you lots of concern and that you will have questions. I’m writing to give you as much key information regarding the current situation as we can in the hope that I can reassure you as much as possible.

As I’m sure you are all aware, the situation is ever changing. We are working hard in school today to put a plan in place for children who will be at home from Monday, and also for the children of “key workers”. As the Government announced yesterday, they are asking schools to consider how we can continue to stay open for the children of front-line workers such as NHS staff, police etc. As a school, we are absolutely committed to supporting any of our parents who fall into any of these categories and as such are currently putting a plan in place for how this will work. In light of the fact that we are still waiting for the Key Worker definitive list to be announced, we have decided to ask parents for their job titles and employer details. This will give us a starting point from which to confirm parents falling into the Key Worker category when this list is announced. In order to do this, could I please ask all parents to complete the attached questionnaire (click here) by 10am tomorrow morning (Friday 20th March)? From here we will have a greater understanding of the numbers of children included in this group and can therefore start to put a staffing plan in place. We will obviously be in touch as soon as possible to inform you of the plan from Monday.

There are certain other groups of children who may be classed as vulnerable, for whom schools are also being asked to provide care. We are already aware of the numbers of children falling into this category and we will be in touch with you individually to confirm arrangements as soon as we can. This includes children with current EHCPs in place.

We are currently working on an online system for the setting of work and a way of continuing to interact with class teachers for those children who will be at home from Monday. Mr. Sutton will be in touch with all parents as soon as possible to explain in detail how this will work.

There are many organisational issues that will still need to be reviewed and decisions to be made in the coming weeks. We will continue to follow guidance and will make every effort to keep you informed as soon as we have any further information.

Finally, I wanted to pass on some heartfelt thank you’s! Firstly, to our wonderful staff. The last few weeks and months have been difficult, and things are going to continue to be complicated for a little while longer. I am so proud of staff for their calm and professional approach and for their continual desire to do their best for our children and families.

Secondly, to our children. Many of them have had things cancelled (Ingleborough, PGL France to name but a few!) but have taken the news so brilliantly and have just ‘got on with it’! I couldn’t be more proud of them right now!

And lastly, and very importantly, our Tranmere families. Thank you for your calm patience in uncertain times and for your understanding and support. We will absolutely get through this if we stick together and support each other. Team Tranmere at its very best!

Thank you and we will be in touch with more information very soon.

Alison Hodgson

Mrs Alison Hodgson