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Many of you may know Sebastian Murphy but for those who don’t, he went to our school from Reception until Y6. He is a total star and has been nominated for a Yorkshire Choice Award in the category of Young Achiever.

Below the link is a little from his parent’s post on the Millie’s Journey Facebook page explaining a little about why this is so well deserved.

It only takes a minute to vote!

From Facebook:

As many of you know, our eldest son, Sebastian (12), has since Christmas 2017 been battling cancer for the second time. Up until that point, he played regularly for the Guiseley Greens and thoroughly enjoyed it.

In the last 14 months he’s spent over 160 nights in hospital, much of that in isolation not even able to see his brother and sister. He has undergone high dose chemotherapy, immunotherapy, full body radiotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. He has bravely suffered the horrendous side effects of the brutal treatment (chronic sickness, hair loss, ulcers, anaemia, mobility problems, infections) and if he is lucky enough to be cured he will have to live with the longterm after effects of the treatment for the rest of his life. He is still receiving treatment and is not yet well enough to return to school. He has missed out on so many things that other healthy children simply take for granted. Throughout his ordeal, Seb has dealt with everything with courage and quiet determination. We are so proud of him and he is an inspiration to many.

He has been nominated in the Young Achiever Category of this year’s Yorkshire Choice Awards. We would be incredibly grateful if you could show your support for Seb and vote for him by clicking on the link below.

Thanks in advance.

Ben and Helen Murphy