Headteacher’s Blog 27/4/16

Posted on by Mrs Finley

I always seem to start these blogs by saying how quickly the time has gone by since I did the last one but it’s true! Hardly any time seems to have gone by and yet here we are well into the Summer term! Summer term and we’ve had glorious sunshine, rain, hail and snow today – what on earth is going on! Hopefully the weather will improve and we can get outside for some exciting outdoor learning.

As ever school is busy with everyone working hard, and in particular our Y2 and Y6 pupils coming up to their SATS tests. This will be the first year that SATS are assessed without assigning pupils a level so it’s a learning process for all of us this time. I’m confident that children have been well prepared by their teachers and will do themselves and Tranmere Park proud.

We made an announcement last term about how thrilled we were to have been designated as a teaching school. Teaching Schools status is very difficult to get and applications are rigorously assessed  so it is a real honour to have been awarded this status. We have been part of a Teaching School Alliance – Noctua – for a number of years, but up until now Bramhope Primary School have been the designated Teaching School leading the Alliance. From September, Tranmere Park will be the lead school and to facilitate this, I will be working for Noctua one or two days a week in the new school year. In my absence, Mrs Hodgson will be acting head. During my time as Head here at Tranmere, I have undertaken a number of secondments and the school has always run smoothly in my absence. I have no doubts that this will continue to be the case, and Tranmere Park will also be benefiting financially as Noctua will pay school for my time. I’m looking forward to my new challenge!