Internet Safety Day 2019

Posted on by wrightr

This week (5th February) was Internet Safety Day. The theme this year was ‘ Together for a Better Internet.’ As always, the aim of Safer Internet day is to get everyone talking about how to use technology safely, responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. As part of their computing lessons, the children have been developing their understanding of the internet; what it is and how to be respectful when accessing the WWW.

To support parents with discussing online safety at home, we have uploaded a video along with some conversation starters. The parents/children on this video are keen to talk about their understanding in this fun quiz game. Now over to you….

Do you need to ask before you…

…post a location on where you and family currently are?
…share a selfie of you with your best friend?
…upload a video of a family member doing something silly?
…add a friend to your family group chat?
…invite a new player to join your online gaming team?
…send a link to a friend of something controversial online?
…wish someone ‘happy birthday’ online?
…change the Wi-Fi password at home?
…give an app permission to see your contacts on your device?
…post a photo of your child on the first day of school?
…complete an online survey that asks questions about your family?
…use another family member’s account on a shared device?
…give out your friend’s phone number to a mutual friend?