Leeds North West Finals Basketball Tournament – Leeds Beckett

On Friday, our team went back to Leeds Beckett to compete in the Leeds North West  Finals Basketball tournament. There were 8 teams altogether that were split into 2 pools. In the group stages, we drew one and won two, resulting in us coming 1st in our pool. This meant that we had to play the winners from the other pool to find out who got the gold and who got the silver. It was an utterly nail-biting final! 0-0 after full time, 0-0 after extra time, drawn in the penalty shootout meaning it had to go to sudden death! We unfortunately lost out by one unlucky basket.

I would personally like to say a massive thank you to all of the children who came to the tournament, they represented Tranmere incredibly well, showing skill and sportsmanship. I even had parents and teachers from other schools congratulating me on how talented and well mannered our team was. Also, a big thank you to the parents who came to support us, I couldn’t have got the referee to hear me without you once Mr J had left! And last but not least, a big shout out to Roisin, who was awarded Player of the Match from our squad. This was chosen by the basketball coaches who were running the tournament who said they were very impressed with her skills!

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