Investors In Pupils

What is Investors In Pupils?

The Investors In Pupils award is based on five “key areas”:

  • Learning
  • Behaviour
  • Attendance
  • Classroom Management
  • Induction

It helps pupils find out why they go to school, about the jobs of everyone in  the school and how each person is involved in their education.  It supports them in making rules for the class, in setting targets for the class and for themselves whilst recognising the importance of relationships and teamwork, the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in their education.

How does it work?

Each class works with its class teacher and other staff to decide what they want their class to be like and produce a vision statement.  The pupils, with staff help, set targets for the class and for themselves so that they will each contribute to the class targets.  These targets are reviewed on a regular basis.

They show their progress towards targets on a display designed by the class.  This display will remain in the classroom until the end of the project.

Pupils discuss with all the staff involved with the class how they are helped in their education. They find out about the jobs which staff do,  their responsibilities and work.  They should also consider their own role.

Throughout, schools are supported by an Investors in Pupils advisor.  They will visit the school to train staff if required and can provide examples of best practice in all of the indicators.

Aims of Investors in Pupils

  • To provide a whole school framework for pupil participation
  • To empower pupils through involving them in every day decision making processes
  • To help create a team ethos between pupils and between staff and pupils
  • To help improve the confidence and self esteem of pupils
  • To help raise pupil achievement and motivation to learn
  • To help raise pupil attendance and improve punctuality
  • To help promote positive behaviour and a greater awareness of social responsibility