Summary of most recent Standards and Achievement Data

Y1 Phonics Check 98%
KS1 Expected Reading 96%
Writing 93%
Maths 93%
KS1 Greater Depth Reading 42%
Writing 30%
Maths 36%
Ks1 English & Maths Combined Expected 91%
Exceeding 24%
KS2 Expected Reading 85%
SPAG 92%
Writing (TA) 94%
Maths 100%
Combined English and Maths Expected 85%
KS2 Greater Depth Reading 33%
SPAG 44%
Writing (TA) 29%
Maths 48%
Combined English and Maths Greater Depth 8%
Average Points Progress KS1 – KS2: Reading -0.5
Writing -0.2
Maths +2.0
KS2 Average Scaled Score: Reading 107.2
Maths 109.4
SPAG 108.9
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SATs Assessment
What is a Standard Assessment Test (SATs test)?
It is a national test that is taken be all the children in the country at the end of the Key Stage.

Pupils are given an assessment of their attainment (ability) against the national standards in English, Maths and Science at the end of Key Stage 1 and 2. At Key Stage 1 there are tests that teachers use but they are informal.

What are the children tested on?
At KS2 the children are tested on the following:

Reading Test
Writing Test
Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

Mental Maths Test
Written Maths Test

Science Test (Random selection of schools only)

Key Stage 1 Assessments
In Key Stage 1 the children are tested on their Maths, Reading, Writing and Science. These assessments take place in an environment the children are familiar with and the children are tested by their teacher. The assessments are informal and the children are assessed either one to one or in small groups.

Key Stage 1 Phonics
In Year 1 all children are assessed on their understanding of Phonics. They are assessed one to on by their class teacher. The Phonics Screening Test this year will take place week commencing Monday 12th June 2017.