April 2016

KS1 Homework Grid-History Study and Book Topic-Beegu 2021 KS1 Topic Knowledge Organiser Summer 2nd Cycle 1 2021 Science Knowledge Organiser KS1 Habitats – Gardens and Allotments Y2 unit English Knowledge Organiser Y1 Summer 2021 English Knowledge Organiser Y2 Summer 2021 Maths Knowledge Organiser Y1 Summer 2021 Maths Knowledge Organiser Y2 Summer 2021 These are also …

Tranmere Times 18.6.21 | 18 Jun 2021

This week we had a little visit from some prickly friends.  School has adopted some hedgehogs. Stewie and Stella!  We have created a small area at the back of the bungalow for the new arrivals and over the next few weeks Reception have been asked to look after them.

Red Kites learnt about Richard Garriott, British American explorer, and explored science linked to rockets and travel. They made rockets and spinners and investigated their own questions linked to them.

Sticky water!? | 15 Jun 2021

Falcons found out about ‘sticky’ water as part of the Great Science Share for Schools.

Tranmere Times 11.6.21 | 11 Jun 2021

Today we have turned ourselves into a super hero. We took a photo of ourselves and then designed our own superhero outfit. Some children decide to become Batman, Batgirl Spiderman, Wolverine, Superman, Wonder Women and even Black Panther.            

How can parents support their child in being safe online and on social media? | 11 Jun 2021

A practical guide for parents in setting rules and safety controls at home: Internet Matters Guide Information on some of the most commonly used websites and apps: Online Safety Helpful videos you can watch with your child or games you can play relating to online safety education: Online Safety Videos

Reception Topic Entry Point – BLUEBIRDS AND ROBINS SAVE THE DAY! | 09 Jun 2021

This week, we started our new topic, ‘Superheroes’. After reading the story ‘Supertato’ we got a call from the superhero himself, to tell us that Evil Pea had escaped and was on the loose at Tranmere Park! We transformed ourselves into our own superhero vegetables, created some wanted posters and spyware, then set off to …

We took on the role of evacuees, making gas masks and ID cards and getting ready to be evacuated to the countryside for our local history topic. Some of us were going to Northallerton, a few to Masham and a couple to Leyburn!
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