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This morning, we continued working on developing our partition skills using a place value chart. We practically split numbers into different combinations of tens and ones using apparatus. Some pupils noticed a pattern and began to mentally partition numbers in lots of different combinations.

Worry Wizard Workshop – Herons | 08 Oct 2021

This week, we were joined by Jane and Sonny to learn about worries. We learnt that it’s ok to have worries and that it’s also great to share our worries with others! We also learnt lots about how to look after ourselves and each other to keep our well-being positive.

Today, the children learnt strategies for partitioning numbers in different ways. We began by using concrete resources to represent the tens and ones, then started drawing the tens and ones ourself.

We started this half term’s topic ‘Hooray, Let’s Go On Holiday’ with an exciting entry point today. Our outdoor area became a travel agents as the children explored holidays around the world. They took on the roles of the travel agents or customers and booked and arranged holidays. They had to consider the amount of …

National Fitness Day – Herons | 22 Sep 2021

Today is National Fitness Day. Herons took part in the ‘In It For a Minute Challenge’. We enjoyed running, dancing, planking, flying like a bird, jumping, balancing, throwing and catching a ball and hula-hooping!

In today’s maths lesson, we used a variety of concrete resources to build and represent different 2-digit numbers. We identified the number of tens and ones in each number.

As our exit point, Jacob from Codswallop helped us to bring our recent history topic to life through drama. We learnt about Harry Ramsden and the famous Harry Corbett (writer of the Sooty Show) both of whom were born in Guiseley. We explored what it might have been like to have been inside Harry Ramsden’s …

This half-term, our topic work focuses on the story ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon. This morning, there had been a mysterious crash landing on the banks at Tranmere Park Primary School and Mrs Hodgson sent the KS1 children on a mission to investigate the scene!! Beegu had left us lots of clues, including a code-breaker letter …

Our topic this half term has been ‘People from the Past’. Throughout this topic, the children have learnt about 3 famous nurses – Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. As our exit point, we turned our classroom into a nurse training school for the day. The children came into school dressed as nurses and …

In our fractions lesson today, the children have been learning to recognise a half, a quarter and a third. We took our learning outside for the morning and enjoyed using chalk to draw out the representations on the playground. The sunshine made the lesson a whole lot better!!
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