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Every Friday, well, most Fridays, okay – some days that we were actually in school (and some out to be fair), Falcons took part in a carefully and painstakingly designed lesson to develop the power of problem solving, creative, lateral and very, very outside the box thinking. Alright, we did Taskmaster, but still… if the …

Sticky water!? | 15 Jun 2021

Falcons found out about ‘sticky’ water as part of the Great Science Share for Schools.

But not the Britney version… never the Britney version. Falcons spent the morning getting into the spirit of competition on TT Rockstars. Definitely some speed-metal fans in this class! Blink and you’ll miss it!

Autumn 2nd English Knowledge Organiser 2020 Chocolate Homework Grid 2020 Knowledge Organiser Chocolate 2020 Y4 states of matter KO Autumn 2nd Maths Knowledge Organiser

To conclude their current topic on rainforests, Red Kites and Falcons spent the day making tropical fruit salads, crafting rainforest animals from natural materials and singing some outdoor songs. In summary:  Watermelon: good  Limes: bad  Pomegranate: pomewhat? Snaps below…

Please could all pupils in Years 3 and 4 come dressed appropriately for their first Muddy Puddle day on FRIDAY 23rd OCTOBER.   Thanks,   3/4 Team

In a somewhat radical move, Falcons have elected to take the reins from Rishi Sunak, demonstrating their keen, and some might say, much more concrete understanding of ones, tens, hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands. Keep up the good work.

Outdoor PE has changed from Friday to Tuesday. Please come dressed in outdoor kit on a Tuesday and indoor kit on Thursday. Thanks,   Mr H

…it gets worse here every day. You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play. Apt description of modern primary teaching or late 80s popular culture reference? Thankfully, mostly the latter for Falcons’ class who spent the afternoon creating tribal masks as part of the entry point to their new topic …

LKS2 Homework Grid and Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organiser Rainforests 2020 (1) KO Year 4 LKS2 Living Things and their Habitat – Help our habitats Autumn 1st Maths Knowledge Organiser 2020 (1) English Knowledge Organiser – Fables Rainforest Homework grid 2020
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