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KS1 had a visit from Samuel Pepys this morning (all other adults brandishing cheese and wine were turned away, FYI). The children had a brilliant time learning all about the spectacular but tragic events of the fire that ravaged the city in 1666 before building their very own model of Pudding Lane… no prizes for …

We challenged the children to build their own structure out of cocktail sticks and marshmallows. The aim was to build the best – but what ‘the best’ means is open ended e.g. it might be the tallest, the biggest, the strongest.

Muddy Puddle Fashion | 19 Dec 2019

Now updated with Eagles’ pictures. Merry Christmas!

Herons Exit Point: Kirkstall Abbey Museum | 26 Oct 2019

Better gun it to 88, Marty – ‘cos where Herons are going – they  don’t need roads. Herons spent the day exploring Kirkstall Abbey Museum, learning all about holidays from the past. The salient facts are as follows: One teacher is young enough to have never had to put a film in a camera (I …

Fantastic Mini-beasts and Where to Find Them. | 18 Oct 2019

A wet and windy Key Stage One playground should do the trick. Have a peek at the curious, squirming creatures below.

Key Stage One have been rising to the challenge (yes, it’s going to be one of those posts) of baking bread in preparation for Harvest Festival this week. At yeast try to manage a rye smile through the forthcoming, awful (truly awful) puns. A toast to the children for producing such amazing results. Truly, second …

Skylar’s Missing Note | 08 Oct 2019

Key Stage One had an extra special treat this morning. Mrs Holland very kindly arranged a music workshop for the children to learn all about dynamics, pitch, rhythm and tempo through the wonderful, imaginative story of Skylar’s Missing Note. We’ll let the children tell you all about the missing note and the pesky pigeon! ​​​ …

ENTRY POINT: Hooray! Let’s go on holiday. | 04 Oct 2019

To paraphrase the immortal words of Peter Kay, Herons have booked it, packed it and … well, not quite set off yet but it was tempting given the weather! Have a look at the snaps from Morgan Travel’s latest recruitment drive below.

Herons’ Drop-in | 27 Sep 2019

Thanks to all the parents who managed to drop by this morning – and for those who didn’t get chance, have a look at the snaps below. Apologies there aren’t more but the iPads were in high demand!
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