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Red Kites learnt about Richard Garriott, British American explorer, and explored science linked to rockets and travel. They made rockets and spinners and investigated their own questions linked to them.

We took on the role of evacuees, making gas masks and ID cards and getting ready to be evacuated to the countryside for our local history topic. Some of us were going to Northallerton, a few to Masham and a couple to Leyburn!

A huge thank you from all staff in Red Kites, Woodpeckers and Team Tranmere | 15 Jul 2020

We wanted to say the biggest thank you to all of the wonderful families who put together a collection for the end of the year, in lieu of the traditional gifts, and donated it to Tranmere Park PTA – raising £500 for the school PTA fund! What a wonderful, thoughtful and humbling gift! We have …

Worm Charming at the Wormery | 12 Mar 2020

A group of diligent Year 5s have been working with Dr Burke to clean up and set up a wormery to allow the composting of more items. The delivery of worms arrived yesterday, so Bob, George Junior, Jill, Martin, Kevin, Wally and friends moved into their new home today!

LKS2 – Times Tables

If you want an additional resource to help with times tables, the MathsFrame Multiplication Tables Check is a useful resource. You can change which tables are tested, how many questions are given and the speed that each question needs to be answered in.

LKS2 Knowledge Organisers and Homework Grid Spring 2

Spring 2nd English Knowledge Organiser 2020 Spring 2nd Maths Knowledge Organiser 2020 Knowledge Organiser Temples and Tombs 2020 PDF Temples Homework grid 2020

On Tuesday afternoon, Year 3 and 4 hunkered down in our Volcano Disaster Relief Centre and planned how they would stay fit and healthy if a volcano errupted in the surrounding area! They looked at the equipment and provisions that were available to them in school, came up with a list of essential items and used …

Year 3 & 4 Holiday Homework – Reading Rivers!

Create your own ‘Reading River’ for the Christmas holidays. Make a collage (which can include drawings, photos, labels, etc.) of all the different things you read over the holiday period and turn it into your own reading journey. It could be a river, a road, a race track or another design that represents all the …

Red Kites, Wrens and Woodpeckers all took on the role of palaeontologists to excavate an area which was suspected to hold significant fossil finds. They used tools to dig and uncover the fossils and then looked closely at them using magnifying glasses to reveal the finer details.

If any Y3/4 children have toy dinosaurs at home, could they please bring them in (labelled with their name) by Monday 18th November for a  ‘roar-cous’ grouping, identifying and classifying activity. Thanks in advance. Your dino-mite LKS2 Team P.S. Dinosaur Joke of the Day Why can’t you hear a Pterodactyl go to the bathroom? Because the …
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