Tranmere Times 23.7.21 | 23 Jul 2021

Leavers’ 4.0 – Live Free or Leave Hard | 23 Jul 2021

What a week it has been. Your children have been an absolute delight and each and every one of us couldn’t be prouder of everything they have achieved. Through a tumultous UPKS2, they have consistently demonstrated their secondary school readiness through; kindness, adaptability, diligence and drive. We will miss you all and want you to …

Whole School Running Races | 23 Jul 2021

We have had our daily exercise this morning and took part in some running races. We were as fast as lightening. We enjoyed cheering each other on  and showing our Team Tranmere spirit.  Ava and James were the overall winners in Robins and Noah and Poppy won in Bluebirds. Well done everyone!       …

Leavers III – Leave Hard with a Vengence | 22 Jul 2021

Today, in lieu of our usual French residential, we have celebrated all things French: a proper French breakfast*, a summers’ game of boule, some tasty s’mores and a game of capture the flag! We do accept that some of these are not strictly French but feel that, given the heat, some latitude should be allowed …

Afternoon Tea in Red Kites | 22 Jul 2021

A big thank you to Rowan who won afternoon tea for Red Kites in the PTA raffle. We had it this afternoon and it was AMAZING! Huge thanks to the PTA for the effort that they put into it. Everybody loved it.

Local History Study Exit Point | 21 Jul 2021

As our exit point, Jacob from Codswallop came to visit our school. He helped us to bring our recent history topic to life through drama. We learnt about Harry Ramsden and the famous Harry Corbett (writer of the Sooty Show) both of whom were born in Guiseley. We explored what it might have been like …

Leavers II, leave harder | 21 Jul 2021

Due to the low light levels (and the fun some Y6s had in shooting at the camera rendering some shots blank!) the pictures haven’t come out so well today but that doesn’t mean we had any less fun. Everybody had a great time in the various team and individual challenges and came back hot and …

Leavers take 1 | 20 Jul 2021

No words needed, we think the pictures and videos say it all!

Tranmere Times 16.7.21 | 16 Jul 2021

Parent Survey – Have your say | 14 Jul 2021

Now is the time of year that we plan ahead for our school priorities for the forthcoming academic year.  It is important that we have responses that let us know how well we are doing, but also that we know about any improvements that could be made. We are always keen to include parent feedback …
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