The First Adventurer Digital Badges have been Sent! | 09 Apr 2021

We hope you are all enjoying the #TranmereTrek? We are delighted to announce that the first Adventurer Digital Badges have just been sent out! Well done to these 8 intrepid explorers!  Representing Robins: Jenson Representing Herons: Alexandra and Hollie Representing Red Kits: Ben Representing Woodpeckers: Orry Representing Falcons: Wes Representing Puffins: Ina Representing Doves: Cara …

Reception – Easter Egg Relay | 01 Apr 2021

Tranmere Times 26.3.21 | 31 Mar 2021

Early Birds! #TranmereTrek | 30 Mar 2021

      The Tranmere Trek started yesterday, and we already have some EARLY BIRDS! Puffins and Woodpeckers are both off to a FLYING start, with children racking up the points at the earliest opportunity! Remember, there are individual digital badges to earn, as well as the whole school competition. We’re sure older siblings could take …

The TRANMERE TREK! | 29 Mar 2021

Herri the Heron has visited our classes today and set out a challenge for all of our children! Each child in school will be bringing home a “Mission Pack” with a map, some information and a URL for an electronic scoreboard which has been created for each class. The Tranmere Trek is a walk which …

Tranmere Times 26.3.21 | 26 Mar 2021

#TPPSMystery | 26 Mar 2021

Tranmere Times 19.3.21 | 19 Mar 2021

RED NOSE DAY | 18 Mar 2021

KS1 Well being Muddy Puddles – How does your friendship grow? | 18 Mar 2021

Since returning from lockdown, we believed a priority for us was our ‘bubbles’ and friendships/relationships; to build and bond together, developing what it means to be a good friend and spreading kindness to make everyone feel happy. We spent the day outside as we know fresh air is one of the biggest factors in good …
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