Having Fun With Instruments in EYFS | 06 Oct 2022

Bluebirds and Robins had fun tapping and scraping and shaking instruments and trying to keep the beat. They were SO good at stopping and being quiet when they needed to as well. See if they can sing you the ‘Shake and Stop’ song!

Tranmere Times 30.9.22 | 30 Sep 2022

Music for Schools | 28 Sep 2022

Today, years 1 to 6 had an assembly led by Tony Preece from Music for Schools. They learnt all about the different brass and woodwind instruments that are offered in school and will be bringing home a letter to sign up for these peripatetic lessons with more information. A digital letter will follow and will …

Tranmere Times 23.9.22 | 23 Sep 2022

Tranmere Times 16.9.22 | 16 Sep 2022

We’re In… Robins and Bluebirds Are Complete! | 14 Sep 2022

Today, the second half of our Robins and Bluebirds joined us for their first day… and what a first day they had.  Everyone was so happy, jolly and settled and it was great to see them playing in lots of different areas of the classroom and making brand new friends.  It looked like they had …

Queen Elizabeth II | 12 Sep 2022

Following the sad news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Tranmere Park pupils have paid their respects by celebrating and reflecting on her achievements and importance to the UK. Take a look at our pictures below.

Tranmere Times 9.9.22 | 09 Sep 2022

School Games Mark Gold | 26 Jul 2022

After two years off due to COVID, the Your School Games Mark was back again this year. We’re delighted to announce that we have acheived the Gold Mark standard once again. If you would like to find out more about how we acheived this award, please click on the following link.

Tranmere Times 22.7.22 | 22 Jul 2022

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