Reception Well-Being: Have You Filled A Bucket Today?

Posted on by beestinh

We have loved returning back to school and meeting all our friends again.

To start our theme on ‘Mindfulness’ we talked about how we felt about coming back to school and shared our worries with each other. We recapped on our routines, school rules and the importance of keeping ourselves safe by washing our hands, not getting too close to others and using a tissue to catch any bugs if we sneezed or coughed.

We talked about our 5B’s and what they meant.

Be mindful

Be Connected

Be Active

Be Curious

Be generous

After we read the book called…. Have You Filled Your Bucket Today? The story taught us how we express our kindness, appreciation and love to each other by saying and doing kind things.

We created our own buckets and went around saying positive things to people. Then we drew a picture to wrote about different ways to keep people cheerful, happy and smiling.