Topic Exit Point/Muddy Puddle

Posted on by Miss Taylor

Woodpecker Class had a fantastic day for their local history exit point. They arrived at school dressed as WWII children or in their best VE day party clothes. They participates in various activities including:

  • Designing their own bunting, flags and Propaganda posters which they used to decorate their tables ready for our VE day ‘street’ party at lunch time.
  • Decorating their own biscuits in VE day colours.
  • Learning how to play children’s games which were played during the era: Jacks, card games, four-square, hopscotch, skipping and marbles.
  • Listening to 1940s songs.
  • Going outside to enjoy our afternoon snacks including scones with clotted cream, jam and strawberries.
  • Participating in a VE Day Quiz to finish off a fabulous day!

Thank you for a great day Woodpeckers – I hope you all enjoyed it too!