Vocabulary fun!

Posted on by wrightr

In Eagles class, we have just started our new topic ‘The Magic Toymaker.’ We have been learning about the new vocabulary we will need to understand this half term. Our key vocabulary focuses on the concept of time and includes words such as present, past, old, new, before and after. This will help us understand the history element of our topic work.

After discussing these words and their definitions, Mrs Wright took us outside for a game of trashket ball. We made 2 teams and each team had to try to collect the most points. If they could recall a definition, use one of our words in context or give the word when given a definition then they got a point. If they got their question right, they got to shoot the ball into the bin. The team with the most points wins! Both teams really knew their vocabulary and won one game each! Everyone had lots of fun too! Well done Eagles!