LKS2 Topic Exit Point / DT – Kite Making.

In LKS2 this week, we have been rounding off our learning of Planet Earth. To do this, we carried out a DT focused exit point on making kites.

To begin, we carried out some research on the famous Homan Walsh. Discovering how he used a kite to make a bridge! This led us to the question of could we create a kite that would fly over a body of water?

In the design stage, we looked into existing kites and experimented with shape and material strength. Then, we had a go at designing our own, creating detailed sketches of our plan. Once designed, we undertook a mini evaluation to check that these were appropriate to go on and make.

In the make stage we used the hacksaws, glue, tape, string and scissors to construct our kites, considering all the time what techniques would be best to make strong and stable products.

Next, we took our kites outside to the river that had appeared on Tranmere Park’s bank and put them to the test. This was a LOT of fun!

Once we had completed our testing stage, we undertook a final evaluation, deciding if our final product had managed to fit its purpose and how, if we were to make them again, we could improve them further.