Herri the Heron has visited our classes today and set out a challenge for all of our children!

Each child in school will be bringing home a “Mission Pack” with a map, some information and a URL for an electronic scoreboard which has been created for each class.

The Tranmere Trek is a walk which can be done all in one go, or in different stages, around our local area. The idea is to get children out, being active and we have set different missions for your children to complete along the way!

There is a letter setting out the challenge in the Packs sent home.

Please remember to adhere to the 2 households or rule-of-6 for the time being and please be patient if someone else is completing one of the “activity stones”.

There are 5 activity stones, which are decorated with our well-being branding:

Be Generous

Be Curious

Be Active

Be Mindful

Be Connected

These are all hidden along the walking route, along with some other stones decorated with our school logo, as well as some logs with pictures of the birds our classes are named after.

PLEASE DO NOT MOVE ANY OF THESE THINGS – simply scan the QR code on the back of the “activity stones” and complete the missions!

The stones that are decorated with the logo, and the class birds, do not have any challenges to complete – they are just to find!

Have fun getting out and about, stay safe and Herri the Heron may well pop up later in the week to give you some more clues!

Tranmere Trek Map