Half Term Fun

Posted on by gibsons09

We have uploaded a selection of fun activities and reading material to Google Classroom for you to have a go at over half term.

There is no expectation for any of this to be completed or handed in, but we know some of our Tranmere families are in the swing of a ‘work’ routine, so this is here to support that.

Here are the links to the activities:

1. Four activities from Healthy Young Minds (Coronakid to the Rescue, Dyson’s Next Big Invention, Keep the UK’s Hands Squeaky-Clean and Ready to be an Ocean Explorer?) are all part of a competition, so have a look at their web page to find out what the activities are and how you could win ‘lockdown’ prizes at https://www.healthy-young-minds.com/

2. Download four issues of the Amazonas Comic – suitable for some KS2 independent reading, or shared reading lower down school. http://amazonascomics.com/the-comics/3. The Family Activity Pack for Empathy Day is a set of activities to do at home linked to building empathy for children. Not strictly science, but it has some creative and engaging activities to have a go at. I particularly like the ‘See the world through a character’s eyes’ activity on p7 – making a tiny 3D scene from a story.  https://www.empathylab.uk/family-activities-pack

4. Great Science Groove Along – take part in the Groove Along as part of the Great Science Share for Schools. See how they’ve combined Science with the Arts – with this movement and music groove. If you love creating videos, create your short film and send it to GSSfS by 5th June 2020 to be part of the GREAT Science Groove-along. They’ll link them all together into one big film to showcase on 16th June 2020! Find out more and upload you video here: https://www.greatscienceshare.org/great-science-groove

5. Train like an Astronaut with the European Space Agency – Challenge 1: Nimble Navigation. Using your flexibility and agility, we want to see you navigate your way to the ISS on a course of hand and footprints. https://www.esa.int/Education/Expedition_Home/Challenge_1_Nimble_Navigation 
Check out your Google Classroom for more information and to find out what Theme 4 of the Whole School Science Challenge is – it’s Mrs Pass’ favourite so far!