Toys, toys everywhere!

Posted on by wrightr

Our topic this half term is ‘The Magic Toymaker.’ As our entry point, the Magic Toymaker had been in to Eagles Class during the night and had turned the classroom into a toymaker’s workshop! Their were so many toys, including a toy shop for the children to explore!

As we arrived in the morning, we heard that an old, magical looking man had arrived at the front entrance with a letter for the class. He apologised for not being able to deliver it in person but said that he had urgent business to attend to. The letter was from the Magic Toymaker! He introduced the class to his workshop and asked the children to make some new toys whilst he was away. The children’s mission was to design and create a toy vehicle that could move. It had to be bright, colourful and robust!

During the day, the children looked closely at toy vehicles and learnt the names of the main components. They then designed and made their own. The afternoon was spent exploring the Toymaker’s workshop and Toy Shop. We all had such a wonderful day!