July 2021

As part of our art work we have been working on our brush strokes. First we had a first attempt at painting a tree. The concentration was intense and there are some really good results. We then have used thick and thin paint brushes to practise different techniques. Take a look at our work. We …

Tranmere Times 20.5.22 | 20 May 2022

As part of our topic work, we have been learning about the Eatwell Plate and what our bodies need for a healthy diet. We talked about the fact that our bodies need a range of foods to be healthy and that foods high in sugar/fat should be eaten less frequently/as a treat. Our lesson today …

Malham Day 1 | 17 May 2022

We have had an absolutely fantastic first day here at Malham! All of us have enjoyed exploring the village, a long walk up and around the cove (with the added treats of seeing the peregrine falcons soaring on the air currents and RAF trainers buzzing around us), a hearty meal and then an evening hunting …

Today our year 6s took part in Leeds United Foundation Primary Choices workshop. They discussed positive and negative choices, used role play and freeze frame to act out certain scenarios and learnt what the Leeds United Manager says to the team before each match. Ask your children what messages they have learnt from today’s session.

Red Kites and Woodpeckers have been investigating shadows and silhouettes. Have a look at the pics below.

Today, Year 5 had the exciting opportunity to take part in a workshop run by Spaghetti Maths. They were able to show off their Maths skills to answer real life problems. It was lots of fun and we all really enjoyed it.

Colour mixing in Skylarks | 13 May 2022

Skylarks did some colour mixing today and learnt the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) and the secondary colours (green, purple, orange and brown). They carefully mixed paint to create a colour wheel and then did some colour ‘additions’.

KS1 Science Glitter Germs | 13 May 2022

KS1 learnt how important it was to have good hygiene and wash their hands carefully this week. We pretended that different coloured glitters were different germs. The children chose a glitter and rubbed it onto their hands. Next, they shook hands with their classmates and discovered how easily it spread. We discussed all the times …

Tranmere Times 13.5.22 | 13 May 2022

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