Tranmere Park Primary School achieves excellent results in terms of academic success. Our children make rapid progress from Foundation Stage and do extremely well when compared with national and local results at the end of Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Our stimulating curriculum teaches core skills in English, maths and science whilst actively promoting all other curriculum areas, including French which is taught from Reception through to Year 6. It is reassuring for parents to know that we have a proven track record of supporting children successfully to meet their full potential across the curriculum.

We are proud of our exciting thematic curriculum offer. Our aim is to ensure that our creative curriculum, which has a rigorous focus on the core skills of English, maths and science, ensures pupils transfer to High School fully equipped for the next stage of their learning and with the essential values required of citizens in modern day Britain.

All children from Year 1 to Year 6 are taught the National Curriculum for England as set out by the Department for Education. You can download details of the framework we follow below:

The National Curriculum for England

Rising Stars have published their own handy guide for parents on the KS2 curriculum for this year.

Religious Education is taught to all children following the ‘Leeds Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education’  which sets out a clear and relevant rationale for religious education and the contribution it makes to wider learning.

A new National Curriculum came into force in September 2014 and at Tranmere Park we approach the learning contained in this using the ‘International Primary Curriculum’ as a basis, a curriculum which is used in over 85 countries worldwide. This curriculum has been fully updated to meet the needs of the new, more rigorous, curriculum.

Visit the website of the ‘International Primary Curriculum’ to find out more.

Some subjects are taught as separate units with others being linked by a topic theme. Emphasis is placed upon offering a broad and stimulating curriculum, enriched by first hand experience wherever possible, so that children are excited and inspired by learning. All statutory requirements are met.

More information about Enlgish and Maths can be found on their respective website pages. A breakdown of what is taught in each year group for these subjects is contained in our Core Subject Assessment Handbook. This is available on our assessment page for you to look at.

In Reception, the children are taught an Early Years Curriculum, based on the ‘Development Matters‘ framework which provides a sound basis for learning. Again, the children are taught through a themed approach which covers the full range of curriculum areas.

More information on what is being taught in each class can be found on our Knowledge Organisers for parents. If you would like more in depth information on our curriculum please contact the school office.

Find out what EYFS are learning this year.

Find out what the rest of the school is learning this year.

Find out how we personalise our curriculum for our children.

PSHE remains a non statutory subject, however section 2.5 of the National Curriculum states that; ‘all schools should make provision for personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) drawing on good practice’ (DfE Guidance for PSHE education, SEP 2013).

In line with changes to the National Curriculum, are changes to the methods of assessment used in school. We will continue to monitor progress and attainment using evidence, including test scores, pupils’ work and children’s own perceptions of their learning. In line with the expectations of Ofsted and the DfE, the school has worked with the Aireborough Learning Partnership to devise and implement a rigorous assessment programme which will ensure pupil progress is carefully tracked and monitored from Y1-Y6. You can find out more about our assessment system under the ‘Assessment’ tab at the top of the page.

If you would like any more information about what will be covered in each class, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the class teacher or fill in our feedback for to make us aware of what you would like to know.

Our achievements stretch beyond the academic aspects of school life. We have a wide range of clubs available, including football, cross country, dance, ICT, art, gardening and many others. Children are  encouraged to follow their interests, ‘find their talent’ and join in with extra curricular activities, whatever their level of ability. Children regularly represent the school in competitions and we have a strong reputation for producing successful teams in local events.

We provide opportunities for children to develop their musical skills through private tuition and various clubs, including the school choir and orchestra. The children put on wonderful performances at Christmas and at the end of the school year which are always greatly enjoyed by everyone involved. Regular performance assemblies allow our many talented children their moment to shine, and our annual ‘Tranmere’s got Talent’ event at Guiseley Theatre is one not to miss!

Children’s individual achievements are recognised through our teampoint system and weekly celebration assemblies which allow us to reflect on successes in learning and personal development. Parents are invited to a termly class assembly where children share what they have been learning and within every classroom and around school, children’s work is celebrated through displays creating a positive learning environment.

‘I really like the topics because we can bring things from home.’ Charlie – Year 3