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| 04 Jul 2019

We’ve acquired lots of free stuff, to the joy of all the staff… 🙉

We’ve arrived! | 04 Jul 2019

We’ve got here ok, everyone is really excited and raring to go! The sun is out but don’t worry, sun cream will be reapplied! More updates to follow throughout the day 👍

As part of our science topic, ‘The Art of Living’, we looked at lots of the different vocabulary that we are going to be using. We had to work as a team to match up the correct word to the correct definition. Feel free to test us on some of our words at home!

We have now finished reading our class book, War Horse, which we have really enjoyed! To celebrate finishing this, we chose our favourite part from the book and recreated them into a freeze frame. Have a look and see if you can guess what we were acting out!

On Wednesday, we had our entry point for our new topic, Weather and Climate. All of the children went up onto the banks and tried to survive in different climates. They were given two different scenarios and asked to use their resources that they brought from home to see how they would survive. We had …

On Wednesday (24/4/19), Year 5 will be taking part in their entry point for this half-term. Please could your child come to school with a backpack filled with items they think they would need for extreme weather conditions. They need to think about all different climates when choosing their items. Please do not go out …

Homework grid weather and climate Knowledge organiser – Weather and Climate English – Spring 2 and Summer 1 – Cycle B Summer 1 Knowledge Organiser – MATHS Y5 Knowledge Organiser – The Art of Living  

A memo was sent home today regarding our Year 5 Muddy Puddle/Exit Point as the end to our recent topic. This is planned for tomorrow, Wednesday 27th March 2019. We have asked that children come in their own clothes where possible, ready to partake in a range of outdoor activities.

In our Computing lessons this year, we are learning how to become 3D Designers. We started off by researching famous building and we even did a scavenger hunt using Google Maps. We then have started using a new programme called SketchUp, where we can build and design houses. It’s made us think about the dimensions …

World Book Day in Puffins | 07 Mar 2019

As today was World Book Day, our day has been filled with fun reading activities. These have included World Book Day quizzes, to sharing our favourite book, to participating in a live lesson. Everyone had made such an effort with their costumes! We also met up with our buddy class, Eagles, and shared a book …
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