Kingfishers Homework Homework

UKS2 Brainwave Entry Point Homework

To introduce our new topic, Brainwave, we would like you to teach your class mates a new skill. This skill can be anything: tying your shoe laces, origami, counting to 10 in a foreign language, sketching a butterfly, knitting, dance move, juggling, magic tricks, playing an instrument – anything which you can do really well …


Spring 2 Knowledge Organiser – MATHS Y5 Spring 2 Knowledge Organiser – MATHS Y6

UKS2 Homework

The homework this week is as follows. Year 5 Maths: To complete the worksheet sent home. English: Grammar Hammer – Check 8 Stage 5 Check 8 – Answers Year 6 To work on pages from the SATS Busters books that were sent home.

Homework Upper Keystage 2 Year 5&6

Doves -1.  Create a list in the style of Bradley’s list from the story of ‘There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom’  2. Learn the song words for the Xmas production. Kingfishers – 1. Learn the song words for the Xmas production. 2. Complete the reading comprehension set by Mrs Tate. Puffins – 1. Learn the song …

UKS2 Homework – 07.11.18

This week, we have sent home a Weekly Maths Sheet. Please allow your child to go through this independently and then go through any they may have struggled with. Please find the answers below. The English homework is to create a Christmas poem. A letter has been sent home to explain the criteria that we …

Kingfisher Class Homework – 24/10/2018

As we have been working really hard there is no official homework to do over the half term break. Have fun and enjoy the holidays! If any children would like some extra maths practice, Mrs Tate has some sheets prepared that they are welcome to take.

UKS2 : Year 6 homework

Maths: Complete the sheet as directed by your class teacher. English: Complete the ‘Grammar Hammer’ sheet, skill check 3. Stage 6 Check 3 – Answers

UKS2 Homework – 05.09.18

Please find attached a copy of the Weekly Maths Sheet answers for the sheet that has been sent home this week. Stage 5 Check 1 Answers Stage 6 Check 1 Answers