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Reception Entry Point – Celebrations | 02 Nov 2022

We made a wonderful start to our ‘Celebrations’ topic this week. We learnt about Divali and made diya lamps, rangoli patterns and Divali biscuits. We even made firework fruit kebabs! We learnt a Divali dance and ended the fun with a (digital) firework display!

Having Fun With Instruments in EYFS | 06 Oct 2022

Bluebirds and Robins had fun tapping and scraping and shaking instruments and trying to keep the beat. They were SO good at stopping and being quiet when they needed to as well. See if they can sing you the ‘Shake and Stop’ song!

Music Assemblies | 20 Jul 2022

We’ve had some brilliant performances by some of our musicians recently. Our guitar and keyboard players did assemblies for us where they showcased the kind if things they’ve been learning this year. They were all brilliant.

Drum Workshop in Year 4 | 30 Jun 2022

Year 4 were lucky enough to take part in a drum workshop today delivered by the amazing Dom from Artforms Leeds. School was full of the sound of djembe beats! They sounded great. Checkout the short video of Falcons in action on the Music page of our website.

ALPT Festival Performance at Guiseley Theatre. | 29 Jun 2022

A group of superstars took part in a production of « We’re going on a Bear Hunt » at Guiseley Theatre this evening as part of the ALPT Festival. They sang like nightingales and performed the ‘river’ part of the story, hence the blue t~shirts! Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy, one …

Skylarks topped up their Geography knowledge by learning about the five oceans. They had a look on Google earth and discovered why Earth is often called ‘The Blue Planet’! Next they took part in activity where they had to complete their passports by crossing off the countries and oceans that they had encountered on their …

Lovely, relaxing Art in Skylarks | 10 Jun 2022

It’s been a very creative day in Skylarks today. Firstly, as part of their science lesson on seed dispersal (ask them if they can tell you the different ways in which seeds are dispersed), the children learned to draw a dandelion plant with its seeds dispersing. Next, in music they started to compose a song …

Puffins collaborated with local band The Dunwells today to write a brilliant song called ‘Keep Believing‘. The whole process was fantastic and inspiring and ended with a performance for the whole school at the end of the day. Well done Puffins ~ great work! Huge thanks to The Dunwells for giving us such an enjoyable …

EYFS Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park | 25 May 2022

Didn’t we have a wonderful time the day we went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park! It was amazing seeing all the animals and the children were a credit to school and their families. Here’s a taster ~ more pictures to come soon.

Colour mixing in Skylarks | 13 May 2022

Skylarks did some colour mixing today and learnt the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) and the secondary colours (green, purple, orange and brown). They carefully mixed paint to create a colour wheel and then did some colour ‘additions’.
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