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Lovely, leafy science | 15 Oct 2021

KS1 learnt the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees this week and spent some time trying to identify leaves from different trees such as oak, sycamore, beech, hawthorn, elm, horse chestnut, pine and holly. Meeting Dee and Sid, our friendly puppets, helped them to remember the word deciduous, which is a very tricky word! If …

There was a lot of tapping and dinging and clapping and singing and banging and scraping and clicking and chopping going on in Bluebirds today! We used our new free box of instruments from Artforms Leeds and learned some new songs and rhymes. It was fun!

Eagles, Skylarks and Herons have been learning about common garden plants this week and looking closely at petals and leaves. Here are a few photos of them in action.

Afternoon Tea in Red Kites | 22 Jul 2021

A big thank you to Rowan who won afternoon tea for Red Kites in the PTA raffle. We had it this afternoon and it was AMAZING! Huge thanks to the PTA for the effort that they put into it. Everybody loved it.

There were cool colourful nails, crazy hairdos, tattoos, not much uniform, some rather unusual names and three fantastic lessons from Freya, Bobbie and Monty. ‘Break the Rules’ day was a lot of fun for Red Kites. We finished the day by singing our hearts out, taking part in Leeds Schools Summer Festival online.

Red Kites had fun making 3D shapes using mini marshmallows and spaghetti today. There were a few marshmallows left in the bag when we had finished so guess what happened to them………?

We have had a lovely day in Red Kites! We started by hearing all about what VE Day is all about and then prepared our classroom for a party with bunting and newspaper paper chains. We designed our own teacups, sang some war time songs (including The Lambeth Walk), decorated biscuits with the union flag …

For our Scavengers and Settlers topic exit point we made Stone Age style clay pinch pots. We had to roll a ball, make a ‘belly button’, use ‘quacking’ hands to create the edges, smooth it out and (if there was time!) decorate it. It really tested our dexterity but great fun was had by all. …

Red Kites – Chocolate Entry Point | 13 Nov 2020

It’s not bad when you get to eat chocolate as part of your learning! That’s what Red Kites did this afternoon. They tried five different types of chocolate, blindfolded and used some amazing vocabulary to describe them e.g. bitter, rich, luxurious, and creamy. Next they heard the story of Hernan Cortes who invaded the Yucatan Peninsula …

Red Kites discovered why Rainforest Tribes paint their faces. It’s to incite fear, in other words to scare people away. They made their own rainforest masks after looking carefully at photographs of tribal face paint and creating their own design. I think they are marvellous!
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