Tranmere Park Primary School is set within attractive grounds, away from busy traffic, and has excellent facilities which are used by the children throughout the year. The school was built in 1970 catering for six classes of children, two further classrooms were added in 2000 and a purpose built Foundation Stage Unit with two additional classrooms was completed in 2009. In 2015 the former school bungalow was fully refitted as a classroom and is currently home to the headquarters of the Noctua School Alliance. We now have eleven classes in total.

There are three playground areas within the school grounds. Children in our Reception classes have an exciting adventure play area set within an attractive wooded setting. The playgrounds were re-laid recently and have exciting new playground games marked them. These areas provide open spaces for children to play during break times and lunchtimes and are well utilised for PE lessons and after school clubs. We have developed a range of features on each playground, including play equipment, designated ball games areas, a trim trail, a climbing wall and quiet areas for children who want to sit and talk or read a book. We have an outdoor classroom which provides children a space outside of their usual classroom, enabling our teachers to take their classes outside, even more than usual! This provides our ‘Forest Rangers’ with a base. The ‘Forest Rangers’ are groups of children from across our school that achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in the natural environment within our school grounds. Shaded areas are available in all playgrounds. Within the grounds, we have developed school gardens, including garden and allotment areas which are well maintained by our fantastic gardening club.

In addition to the attractive outdoor environment, the school has a range of  IT resources to offer pupils. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard which are well used by teachers and pupils to enhance teaching and learning. Every classroom is equipped with a mini suite of computers.  We also have a dedicated IT suite where children are encouraged to develop their skills and use the computers to support other areas of learning. Favourites with the children are our banks of iPads and laptops which are used to help learning across the curriculum.

Our Vision Statement and Aims

At Tranmere Park Primary  School:

  • We promote a love of learning within a safe and happy school, in which every person is included and special
  • We provide a creative and challenging curriculum in order to develop children’s confidence, self esteem and academic achievement
  • We work in partnership with governors, parents and our local community and celebrate success in all we do
  • We aim for all the pupils to feel secure and happy, with a view to fulfilling their true potential. We believe that happy children learn well
  • We aim to create an environment where children develop the confidence to think for themselves, develop independence and enjoy their time at school
  • We encourage the children to be actively involved in developing learning skills and ideas, in order that they can work and achieve to the best of their ability
  • All children are set challenging, yet achievable targets and play an active role in evaluating their progress

Our school’s ethos and values reflect mutual care and support – where respect and tolerance for/of others is paramount. In order to achieve this we will:

  • Provide a happy, secure and attractive environment
  • Ensure equality of opportunity
  • Begin with what an individual can do and have high expectations of what he/she will achieve
  • Maintain a broad and balanced curriculum ensuring continuity and progression through each Key Stage
  • Promote each child’s knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of learning encouraging creativity and enterprise
  • Provide for the whole child through planning for spiritual, personal and social development
  • Structure first hand experiences which provide relevant contexts for learning
  • Provide quality experiences which stimulate an enthusiasm for learning
  • Ensure each child has the experiences, resources and teaching appropriate to his/her abilities and aptitudes
  • Work with parents as partners in their child’s education
  • Ensure children have the necessary skills to flourish in a changing, multi-cultural society
  • Encourage and support the continuing professional development of all staff

‘The teachers are really nice and kind’ Abi – Year 3