September 2016

Tranmere Times 6.12.19 | 06 Dec 2019


Bluebirds and Robins put on two absolutely fantastic shows for their nativity.  We are so proud of the children for learning all of the songs, actions, lines and stage directions and wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone involved.  Well done everyone – we hope it has put you in a really festive …

Kingfisher Class – Drop In | 06 Dec 2019

A huge thank-you to all the parents who came to our drop-in this morning. Your help with our experiments was appreciated and the children loved showing you their work. Hope you enjoyed the cheesey french song!?

Fun with crotchets and quavers in Wrens | 05 Dec 2019

Wrens did some musical maths today, adding note values. Afterwards, they challenged themselves to work out some pretty  complicated rhythms and did really well!

Feeling festive | 05 Dec 2019

Years 3 and 4 put on a fantastic show this week! Thank you so much to everyone for coming along. Now I’m excited to see what our Bluebirds and Robins have in store for us this afternoon! Looking forward to seeing you all there – there may be prizes for the most enthusiastic parent/grandparent singing, …

Today in Red Kites we learnt about how the make-up of the earth’s continents have changed overtime. We all began as different dinosaurs who evolved in different areas of Pangaea and then we began to roam the earth until eventually we became cut off on different continents once they had spread too far for us …

Skylarks Entry Point – All Dressed Up! | 02 Dec 2019

To start our new topic we transformed a piece of fabric using different joining techniques. We tried to make sure that on our fabric we had evidence of cutting, gluing, stapling, sticking, pinning and coiling. Can you see all the techniques?  

Tranmere Times 29.11.19 | 29 Nov 2019

Tranmere Times 29.11.19 DV & Flu like illness in School – Nov 2019 FLU INFORMATION

Looking for a school place for 2020? | 29 Nov 2019

We have another Open Session for any parents who are looking for a school place in September 2020! The tour of the school will start at 1:30pm on Thursday 9th January 2020 We look forward to meeting you then!

In KS1 we have been learning to weave using paper. We used a card loom and the vertical slits became our warp. Paper strips were threaded horizontally and these were the weft. We threaded one piece of coloured paper over, under, over, under and the other coloured paper under, over, under over. This created our …