November 2020

Tranmere Times 27.11.20 | 27 Nov 2020

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We’ve made some subtle changes | 27 Nov 2020

We have been busy making some subtle changes to our website. If you are a frequent visitor of the website and in order to see the changes, I would urge you to delete previous browsing history on your device and then reload our website. You will be able to delete your browsing history by finding …

P.T.A. Christmas Stall | 27 Nov 2020

Have you seen our new videos? | 23 Nov 2020

Looking for a school place for your child starting in September 2021? Have you seen our videos and information section for prospective parents? Simply click on this link for more information! Click HERE

Kingfishers Anti-bullying Week | 19 Nov 2020

Anti-bully week 2020. Following on from our last topic Express Yourself, the children were very familiar with what bullying is and what it means, how we can support each and help themselves. We watched clips about being UNITED and WORKING TOGETHER and most importantly, BEING KIND. Extremely mature discussions were held. All of the children …

Tranmere Times 20.11.20 | 19 Nov 2020

Topic entry point.… We watched clips of rockets and discussed design features. We then planned our design taking into consideration, aerodynamics, friction, streamline, weight and nose shape. Working in pairs we built our rockets. Testing was the greatest part. Ask your child for the name of their rocket and where they came in our …

Applying for Reception for September 2021 | 18 Nov 2020

Please find the link to our helpful pages with the key information and dates on HERE Leeds City Council’s FAQ’s are HERE

Youth Sport Trust Virtual After School Club | 18 Nov 2020

As face-to-face Extra-Curricular activities have been put on pause for the moment, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to attend one virtually! Physical Activity is more important than ever right now and that is why the Youth Sport Trust have launched a Children’s after school club channel on YouTube. Your child can go on …

This week, to mark the end of our Statistics Maths topic, we took our Maths learning outside! We’ve been learning all about how to interpret and draw line graphs but we decided we wanted to become the line graph! We talked about the different axis and data and then organised ourselves into the various features …
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