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KS1 Homework – 23.09.20

Children will be bringing home their first SPaG homework in book bags today (Wednesday 23rd September). Homework will usually alternate between maths and English/Spag. Homework may be used to support other areas of the curriculum, particularly in the lead up to the phonic screening check (Y1) and SATs (Y2). The homework needs to be completed …

Skylarks Entry Point | 18 Sep 2020

This half term our topic is ‘Our World.’ To find out the title of our topic, Skylark class completed an orienteering exercise. We used maps and keys to identify key locations around the school grounds and used this information to help us find a range of hidden letters. Once we had found all of the …

KS1 Homework 9.03.20

Please complete the SPaG worksheet provided and return to school by next Monday. Thank You

KS1 get very ‘Egg-cited’ | 02 Mar 2020

Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from Deb, Silkie and Rock from ‘Eggucation’. She held a workshop for all children, explaining how to look after eggs and chicks once they have hatched. She has left behind an incubator with 16 eggs inside ready to start hatching on Wednesday.  Children will get to …

KS1 Homework – 03.02.20

Homework this week is SPaG Mat 3. Please complete and return by next Monday. Also a reminder that any topic homework needs to be handed in by Friday 7th February. Thank you!

KS1 Homework – 27.01.20

Homework this week is Maths sheet 2. Please complete and return by next Monday. We would also like to welcome Miss Weir and Miss Walker, who are on teacher training placement from Leeds Beckett,  to the KS1 team. Miss Weir will be working in Skylarks until the 20th March and Miss Walker will be in …

KS1 Homework – 20.01.20

Please complete the SPaG worksheet provided. Thank you!

KS1 homework – 13.01.20

Please complete the maths worksheet provided. Thank you

Skylarks’ Entry Point – Structures | 13 Jan 2020

We  challenged the children to build their own structure out of cocktail sticks and marshmallows. The aim was to build the best – but what ‘the best’ means is open ended e.g. it might be the tallest, the biggest, the strongest.

KS1 Homework – 06.01.12

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely time over Christmas. Homework this week is to complete the SPaG worksheet provided.
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