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Skylarks Entry Point – All Dressed Up! | 02 Dec 2019

To start our new topic we transformed a piece of fabric using different joining techniques. We tried to make sure that on our fabric we had evidence of cutting, gluing, stapling, sticking, pinning and coiling. Can you see all the techniques?  

KS1 Homework – 2.12.19

Please complete the SPaG worksheet provided and return to school next week.

Grandma Bell had a problem…her cat kept jumping on her dining table and knocking over her water. She was worried that the liquid would ruin the table if it was left for too long. Unfortunately, Morrisons had soooo many choices of paper towel that she just didn’t know which to choose. She asked for my …

KS1 Homework – 11.11.19

Children should complete the maths worksheet provided. We are really working on children forming their numbers correctly. Please encourage them to use the numbers on the sheet to help them know which direction each number should be.

KS1 Homework – 04.11.19

Welcome back! Children have got SPaG sheet number 4 this week.

KS1 Homework 21.10.19

All Key Stage 1 have been given Maths homework sheet this week. Homework to be returned to school on Monday 4th November.

KS1 homework – 14.10.19

Please complete the SPaG homework sheet provided. Homework to be returned next Monday. Please can we remind you that all Topic homework is due in by Friday 18th October, the link is below. Topic Homework Grid-Hooray Let’s go on holiday Autumn 1st 2019    

KS1 Homework – 30.09.19

All Key Stage 1 have been given SPaG homework this week. Homework to be returned to school next Monday.

Tomorrow children have been asked to bring in their favourite toy to school. We are going to be doing some descriptive sentences about them. Please nothing expensive, thank you.

As part of our new topic ‘Hooray! Let’s Go On Holiday’, we set up a travel agents and invited children in to act out different the roles. 
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