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KS1 Homework – 27.01.20

Homework this week is Maths sheet 2. Please complete and return by next Monday. We would also like to welcome Miss Weir and Miss Walker, who are on teacher training placement from Leeds Beckett,  to the KS1 team. Miss Weir will be working in Skylarks until the 20th March and Miss Walker will be in …

KS1 Homework – 20.01.20

Please complete the SPaG worksheet provided. Thank you!

KS1 homework – 13.01.20

Please complete the maths worksheet provided. Thank you

Skylarks’ Entry Point – Structures | 13 Jan 2020

We  challenged the children to build their own structure out of cocktail sticks and marshmallows. The aim was to build the best – but what ‘the best’ means is open ended e.g. it might be the tallest, the biggest, the strongest.

KS1 Homework – 06.01.12

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely time over Christmas. Homework this week is to complete the SPaG worksheet provided.

Muddy Puddle Fashion  | 18 Dec 2019

Vivienne Westood, Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren (to name a few) are all people – as evidenced by a three shirt rotation and faded brogues – I do not know. On the fashion arrow of time, I find myself firmly in the menswear department of Next – too old to tolerate being called dude …

KS1 Homework 16.12.19

Homework this week is to revise all spellings from the last term. Also, Key Stage 1 staff would like to thank all of you for your continued support. It has been an extremely busy term with lots going on, but we think the children have done really well to continue working so hard. Have a …

KS1 Homework – 09.12.19

Please complete the Maths worksheet provided. Also, the deadline for topic homework is this week Friday 13th December. 

Skylarks Entry Point – All Dressed Up! | 02 Dec 2019

To start our new topic we transformed a piece of fabric using different joining techniques. We tried to make sure that on our fabric we had evidence of cutting, gluing, stapling, sticking, pinning and coiling. Can you see all the techniques?  

KS1 Homework – 2.12.19

Please complete the SPaG worksheet provided and return to school next week.
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