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Music – Red Kites Assembly ends with super performance! | 03 Feb 2020

On Friday we were treated to a class assembly from Red Kites. We are so proud of them all.

On Tuesday 4th February, the children in Y3 and Y4 will be having a Muddy Puddle afternoon. Please send them in suitable clothing – including wellies and raincoats if the current weather continues! We will be going outside in (almost) any weather – so please come prepared!

Over the past few lessons, Red Kites have been learning their 3, 4 and 8 times tables. We have done this by using cubes, drawing bar models and singing songs.  

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Today in Red Kites we learnt about how the make-up of the earth’s continents have changed overtime. We all began as different dinosaurs who evolved in different areas of Pangaea and then we began to roam the earth until eventually we became cut off on different continents once they had spread too far for us …

In Red Kites class today, we worked in pairs to answer lots of different addition and subtraction sums using the column method.  We even tried to challenge ourselves by choosing to answer the trickier problems!  

This morning Red Kites worked in groups to sort their dinosaur statements into myths and facts. Throughout our topic unit we will find out if we were right!  

Today Red Kites worked together to sort their dinosaurs into different groups. The class came up with ideas such as: big and small, wings and no wings, 2-legged and 4-legged and green/orange and yellow/brown. We then discussed how grouping dinosaurs based on their features helps us to recognise which type of dinosaur they are.     …

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