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Kingfisher Class are Tranmere Taxonomists! | 10 Jan 2020

As an introduction to our new science topic, Classification, we were given images of different animals that could be found in a zoo. Then, we had to classify the animals into groups, based on similar and contrasting characteristics.

Kingfisher Class – Entry Point – Earth As An Island. | 10 Jan 2020

We used atlases and globes to locate a variety of islands around the world. We discovered that there are many different types of islands,such as: hot,cold, coral, tidal and volcanic. Naming all the different islands around Great Britain was a challenge!

It’s Christmas ! | 20 Dec 2019

The Christmas party, yesterday, was a great success and we would like to take the opportunity to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Year 6 – Brainwave – Exit Point | 20 Dec 2019

For our exit point, Mrs Ross visited our class and taught us a variety of different Brain Games. Each game required us to use and exercise a different part of our brain.

Kingfisher Class – Drop In | 06 Dec 2019

A huge thank-you to all the parents who came to our drop-in this morning. Your help with our experiments was appreciated and the children loved showing you their work. Hope you enjoyed the cheesey french song!?

Years 5/6 Muddy Puddle Day | 20 Nov 2019

Puffin and Kingfisher Classes had a great afternoon exploring the local area. We linked the event to our topic, ‘Brainwave’, and thought about how the different environmentS affected our mood. As befits a muddy puddle day, we all arrived back, wet and muddy!

Year 6 Muddy Puddle Day | 04 Nov 2019

At the end of the last week of term ( Autumn 1) Year 6 took part in a variety of tasks to improve their team building skills.

Year 6 Complete the Time Tunnel with Ross Welford | 23 Oct 2019

For the exit point of our topic, The Time Tunnel, Year 6 went to Bradford Grammar School to an event with Ross Welford, who is an author of several children’s books, including ‘Time Travelling with my Hamster.’ We were delighted that one of our pupils, Abby Clay, was announced as a winner in the recent …

Sweet Science! | 04 Oct 2019

Using Skittles and Jelly Worms, Kingfisher Class carried out some experiments to show how diffusion and osmosis are used to carry water and nutrients around the body.

Global Climate Change Day. | 24 Sep 2019

Kingfisher class enjoyed taking part in the activities held to mark Global Climate Change Day, last Friday. BulkResizePhotos
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