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Yesterday was the first of Reception’s ‘Muddy Puddle’ days this year.  We had a fantastic time with four different activities including acting out the story of The Three Little Pigs, painting with bricks to make houses, building a den and making a wall using shaving foam as the cement!  Take a look at our lovely …

In maths we have looked at shapes in our environment.  We have used different areas of provision to talk about and name all the different shapes we know.  

This week we have been very clever at showing off our super scissor skills.  We had to cut along the dots and we talked about how to use the scissors safely.      

On Wednesday 23rd October, the children in Y3 and Y4 will be having a Muddy Puddle afternoon. Please send them in suitable clothing – including wellies and raincoats if the current weather continues! We will be going outside in (almost) any weather – so please come prepared!

A quick reminder that the LKS2 ‘Trashion’ Show is being held in the hall on Tuesday 22nd October at 2:30pm. The children will be catwalking along the runway in the clothing items that they have created either at home or at school (or both) following the ‘Reuse, Recycle, Reduce’ message for sustainable fashion. We would …

Skylar’s Missing Note | 08 Oct 2019

Key Stage One had an extra special treat this morning. Mrs Holland very kindly arranged a music workshop for the children to learn all about dynamics, pitch, rhythm and tempo through the wonderful, imaginative story of Skylar’s Missing Note. We’ll let the children tell you all about the missing note and the pesky pigeon! ​​​ …

Sweet Science! | 04 Oct 2019

Using Skittles and Jelly Worms, Kingfisher Class carried out some experiments to show how diffusion and osmosis are used to carry water and nutrients around the body.

ENTRY POINT: Hooray! Let’s go on holiday. | 04 Oct 2019

To paraphrase the immortal words of Peter Kay, Herons have booked it, packed it and … well, not quite set off yet but it was tempting given the weather! Have a look at the snaps from Morgan Travel’s latest recruitment drive below.

It’s yum yum lunch time!  Bluebirds are really enjoying their lunches and showing us their great table manners.  It is also great to see such healthy choices being made.  Well done everyone!

As part of our fashion topic, we learnt how to sew! To do this, we chose the colour of the binka and used a series of different coloured threads. By the end of the session, we were all able to complete a simple running stitch. Take a look at our pictures below.
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