Eagles Worry Wizard Workshop | 04 Oct 2021

What a super start to the morning! We were joined by Jane and Sonny and learnt that we all have worries and it feels good to share our worries. Well being is all about being well and looking after ourselves and each other. Lots of messages to remember.  

Tranmere Times 24.9.21 | 24 Sep 2021

Busy Bluebirds! | 24 Sep 2021

Well, what a week we have had.  Bluebirds have continued to impress all of their teachers with their behaviour and super effort all week – even though we know that the children are incredibly tired!  We took part in National Fitness Day, where we were picking up pencils with our feet, hula hooping, skipping, jumping, …

National Fitness Day – Herons | 22 Sep 2021

Today is National Fitness Day. Herons took part in the ‘In It For a Minute Challenge’. We enjoyed running, dancing, planking, flying like a bird, jumping, balancing, throwing and catching a ball and hula-hooping!

National Fitness Day – Red Kites | 22 Sep 2021

Today, Red Kites took part in National Fitness Day. We enjoyed trying out some fantastic ‘In it for a Minute’ challenges. Check us out below…  

Tranmere Times 10.9.21 | 10 Sep 2021

Tranmere Times 23.7.21 | 23 Jul 2021

Leavers’ 4.0 – Live Free or Leave Hard | 23 Jul 2021

What a week it has been. Your children have been an absolute delight and each and every one of us couldn’t be prouder of everything they have achieved. Through a tumultous UPKS2, they have consistently demonstrated their secondary school readiness through; kindness, adaptability, diligence and drive. We will miss you all and want you to …

Whole School Running Races | 23 Jul 2021

We have had our daily exercise this morning and took part in some running races. We were as fast as lightening. We enjoyed cheering each other on  and showing our Team Tranmere spirit.  Ava and James were the overall winners in Robins and Noah and Poppy won in Bluebirds. Well done everyone!       …

Leavers III – Leave Hard with a Vengence | 22 Jul 2021

Today, in lieu of our usual French residential, we have celebrated all things French: a proper French breakfast*, a summers’ game of boule, some tasty s’mores and a game of capture the flag! We do accept that some of these are not strictly French but feel that, given the heat, some latitude should be allowed …
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