Gurdwara Visit

Posted on by tates

Years 5 and 6 spent an enjoyable morning at the Sikh Gurdwara in Bradford where they could not have received a warmer welcome from the Sikh volunteers. It was a privilege to visit the serene prayer hall and listen to the priest reciting from the holy scriptures and this was followed by an informative talk on what it means to be a member of the Sikh religion. We were extremely impressed with the interesting questions the children asked and they were able to develop their knowledge of what they already knew from their RE lessons back in school. They also had the chance to practise writing in Punjabi – not an easy task! We then visited the eating area for a delicious snack of chapati and dal – all served by the volunteers. The children all commented on how much they had enjoyed the visit and we were so proud of the respectful and mature way they behaved. A huge thank you to the Gurdwara and Amandeep (Tranmere parent) for the warm welcome. A great trip!